Hi. Welcome to my site. Thanks for clicking to learn more about me.

Lecturer, Software Systems Engineering

I teach several undergraduate & graduate level Software Systems Engineering (SSE) courses & conduct research in the fundamental SSE areas of project management (Agile, Design Thinking, Lean), engineering education, and usability engineering (designing humane technology interfaces for people). I am passionate about education, life-long learning, safe-fail/safe-fall exploration, and continuous improvement.

Out in the World

In the world outside of academia, I like to dabble in the world of art (paint, clay, pencil) and music (guitar (acoustic & electric), mandolin, bouzouki, balalaika, harmonica, drum (djembe, bodhran, Lakota, tambourine, voice). I am a proud member of the Regina Mandolin Orchestra. In my WAY off time, I enjoy watching the occasional TV/movie, reading, and hanging with my wife, doggo, and family (not to mention I love long, intimate walks by the lake…ha).

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