I identify as a musical enthusiast. My journey with music began around the age of 10, when I first started playing the guitar. Over the years, I’ve explored both acoustic and electric guitars, mastering various types including 6 and 12-string versions, as well as nylon and steel string variations. It was during my high-school years in the early 1990s that my passion for music truly flourished.

Since those early days, I’ve expanded my repertoire to include an array of instruments. My skills now extend to playing the mandolin, banjo, harp, djembe, tambourine, shakers, steel drum, and even the triangle (yes, you read that right!). I’ve even indulged in playing a train whistle, a quirky addition to my musical adventures.

Looking ahead, my musical journey continues to evolve. I hold aspirations of adding the piano and violin to my repertoire, eagerly anticipating the new horizons these instruments will open up for me.

Below are some examples of my recorded works. I also am an active member in the Regina Mandolin Orchestra (playing mandolin and percussion instruments)

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Regina Mandolin Orchestra

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Tim Maciag

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Burns & Maciag

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Featured photo by Marius Masalar on Unsplash