ENSE 805: Researching & Engineering Community-Centred Software

This course serves as the graduate-level counterpart to ENSE 405. It builds upon the foundational knowledge of creating technology user experiences that are valuable, user-friendly, and enjoyable. Similar to ENSE 405, this course adopts a broader perspective, delving into how these experiences impact groups, organizations, cultures, and society as a whole.

Throughout this course, I guide students in individual and/or group project pursuits. These projects can involve collaborating with local partners, working on concepts tied to students’ own research or project endeavors, or addressing challenges proposed by me. Students will delve into a continuous exploration of solutions, drawing on principles and concepts from Agile/Lean methodologies, communities of practice/digital habitats, education and learning strategies, change management, digital literacy, and knowledge management.

By the course’s culmination, each student is expected to have created at least one minimum viable product (MVP) that contributes to providing a technological (software) solution benefiting a community. Additionally, students will independently conduct a survey of scholarly research and deliver a presentation focused on technology-supported cooperative work and community-centered software.

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Featured photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash