2022 albums of the year

Another great year for tunes! Before we get to the beef of it all here were 10 often in rotation honourable mentions (in no particular order):

  • Eddie Vedder, Earthling
  • 3rd Secret, Self-titled
  • Sharon Van Etten, We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong
  • Dan Mangan, Being Somewhere
  • Joel Plaskett, The Window Inn Sessions
  • The Interrupters, In the Wild
  • Amon Amarth, The Great Heathen Army
  • Rammstein, Zeit
  • Megadeth, The Sick, The Dying…And the Dead
  • Lamb of God, Omens

OK, and now for my top 10. Albums that were always in rotation throughout the year. Albums that made me ever so happy and will likely continue to do so for ever!

10. Gnome, King. A solid, chunky, mostly instrumental and super fun album. There are some definite groovers here, such as Kraken Wanker, Ambrosius, Wenceslas, and Anitbeast to just name a few

09. Architects, The Classic Symptoms of a Broken Spirit. Hatchi Matchi! Another fantastic album from these fine lads. I often hear the guitar tone from Quake 2 and that makes me so very happy. Favs include: Burn Down My House, When We Were Young, Spit the Bone, and Deep Fake

08. Screeching Weasel, The Awful Disclosures of Screeching Weasel. What we have here is simply a head-bobbin’ classic pop-punk album, with every song from start to finish a toe-tapping event. What a super album! Favs include: Kill to Cure, Six Ways to Sunday, In La Quinta del Sordo, …damn…every damn song is fantastic!

07. Stereophonics, Oochya. In constant rotation for much of the year, a fine album this is indeed. Having been a fan of these folks since their start in the 90s, this album does not disappoint. Every tune is great but to pick a few favs: Right Place Right Time, Do Ya Feel My Love?, You’re My Soul, and Made a Mess Of Me.

06. Envy of None, Self-titled. I came across these folks due to Alex Lifeson (aka, Rush baby!) being in the band. Although a whole lot different than a Rush album, this album is soooooo very good. The ethereal voice of Maiah Wynne as layered around the ethereal and “dreamy/soothing” instruments from the rest of the band, I can’t really say enough good things about it all. Soooo good!! Favs include: Never Said I Love You, Liar, Look Inside, Western Sunset, Dumb….really it’s all good from start to finish!

05. John Moreland, Birds in the Ceiling. Wow! What a voice. What a talent. There is not much more to say. This dude is the real deal. I like every tune on this album but to pick a few favs: Generational Dust, Lion’s Den, Cheap Idols Dressed in Expensive Garbage, and Ugly Faces.

04. Wind Rose, Warfront. I love love love these fine lads. The raw power and shear energy of their tunes. I also am quite drawn to the storytelling from the fantasy/dwarves perspective. This is simply a solid album that was blaring constantly throughout the year. Favs include: Gates of Ekrund, Army of Stone, Tales of War, and The Battle of the Five Armies…actually, it’s all great!

03. Bloodywood, Rakshak. I can’t say enough great things about this band. Not only are they top-shelf musicians, they are the most decent of human beings. I love the mix of “bollywood-esque” with the heaviest of heavy metal. So unique and so very excellent. Favs include: Aaj, Yaad (watch this video until the end, with their animal rights work, such beautiful humans!), Jee Veerey, Gaddaar, Dana-Dan, Machi Bhasad, and ….holey moley this is pointless…it’s all fantastic!

02. Matt Andersen, House to House. One of the best musicians to come out of this fine nation of ours. Such a voice, such talent. Every song on this album is gold, but to pick a few favs: Let Me Hold You, Other Side of Goodbye, Time for the Wicked to Rest, Raise up your Glass, House to House…bah…every damn song is fine!

01. Taylor Swift, Midnights. OK – hear me out here…ha. Just wait a darn minute now…haha. I know I may take some flack for this pick, particularly since it being my number 1 pick, but since her album Folklore, I’ve been a huge fan! Since coming out in October this album has been in a constant daily rotation…yes…daily. As with my number 2 pick with Matt Andersen, Taylor Swift is quite simply a gem – one that only comes around ever so rarely. It’s all good but favs include: Anti-Hero, You’re On Your Own Kid, Maroon, Sweet Nothing, Lavender Haze, Karma, Bejeweled, …I’ll stop now…every tune on this album is excellent (and no, I’m not losing my mind…haha)

And there we have it. 2022 was another great year for music. Looking forward to what 2023 has to offer the world!





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