My #ETMOOC Experiences

As my PhD dissertation nears completion – hopefully soon, …hey there man, there is still some work to do there! …Oh-oh, talking to myself again 🙂 OK, whoops (tehe)…and I begin my post-university life as a Knowledge Base Analyst (Knowledge Coordinator/Manager) for eHealth Saskatchewan, I see exciting times ahead.  As I travel on my continued… Continue reading My #ETMOOC Experiences

Happiness project for september: the decluttering

Continuing my happiness project I decided to take one of the first bits of wisdom Gretchen provided in her very own happiness project, i.e. that every month you should set goals, or projects, with varying degrees of manageability.  I liked this idea as it is a way to keep tabs on progress while, also, getting… Continue reading Happiness project for september: the decluttering

le cabine (August 2012)

le cabine (August 2012), a set on Flickr. Visiting J and Melly’s cabine. Although the Riders lost and I got into the liquor patch something fierce, I had a very wonderful time with J, Melly, and Bree!