Reading adventures continue with “A Pho Love Story”

Quick update here, re: my plan for reading 12 (fiction) books in 12 months. March ended early with C.J. Tudor’s book, “The Hiding Place” which was a very decent read indeed! Tudor really is a fantastic author in my opinion. April, with typical end-of-semester shenanigans, saw me hit a hard pause on my reading adventures as my day-by-day work adventures were crazy long and by the end of each day, the second my head hit pillow, with heavy eyelids I quickly was swept off into a spacey dreamscape.

Well, long story short, here I am back at it trying to get back on track with “A Pho Love Story” by Loan Le.

With that, off I go to flip the first few pages/chapters! Not to start off making excuses but in full transparency, I’m teaching two compressed software engineering courses this Spring term (May-June) so things continue to be on the edge of crazy for me but I am really going to try my level-headed best to get back to reading. Getting back into reading (fiction) has been really great for my soul and general well-being!





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