Student-built software helping to address the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals

Students in my Winter 2021 ENSE 405 class Designing Apps for Collaboration & Learning explored building community software tools in support of the United Nation’s (UNs) 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In educating software engineers about the UN’s SDGs it is my hope that they take the idea out in industry – that the software they produce out in the world should at a minimum attempt to positively move us forward as a society. Understanding the UN’s SDGs can go a long way to help in my opinion. As part of student project work, I asked students to produce a brief commercial of their innovative solutions. Check them out below! (alphabetical by project name). Enjoy!

“Climate Awareness” by Mohamed Bashir addressing UN SDG #13 Climate Change
“Community of Meal Planners Forum” by Kelly Holtzman addressing UN SDG #12 Sustainable Production & Consumption
“Let’s Get Physical” by Clark Inocalla addressing UN SDG #3 Good Health & Wellbeing
“Project Vitality” by Jaskirat Josan & Oni Ayonoadu addressing UN SDG #2 Zero Hunger
“Recycle Smart” by Tim Pasion addressing UN SDG #12 Responsible Production & Consumption
“Sustainable Product Guide” by Sana Khan addressing UN SDGs #11 Sustainable Cities & Communities as well as #12 Responsible Production & Consumption
“Tailored Diet” by Sam Iregbu addressing UN SDG #3 Good Health & Wellbeing
“Youniversity” by Brandon Clark & Ji Woun (Brian) Kim addressing UN SDG #4 Quality Education






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