Canceling, and beginning this

As the title says. In an effort to save money but keep a blog going and keep up to date with all things wordpress (I use drupal in my research at the uni), I’ve opted to dust off my very old wordpress site here.  So, yay!

Just to give a brief update, there are lots of things happening in life these days:

  • A thesis is underway with actual research done, analysis underway, and content (being) written
  • I’ve started to log my food and exercise with MyFitnessPal, a very cool program if I might say so myself.  Things here are still progressing, ummm, downward?? (tehe), this is a great thing!  To date (from May 2011) I am down 57 pounds. Still a long way to go but progress and, in this case, downward growth is a good thing 🙂
  • Jason and I have been recording with an actual producer (Orion Paradis). We’re actually very close to having an album completed and, to me anyway, it is sounding great. I’m pretty excited about this!
  • I’ve started my own “happiness project” – an effort to structure my life while trying to keep my head above water and just be happy(ier).

Finally, over the next little bit, or actually in the next couple weeks, I’m going to move some of my content and posts from my previous site over here.  There is some content I would like to keep, some of course can go by the wayside 😉

With that, I hope summer has been great for everyone. I’m ready for fall (my favorite time of year) – t.Mac






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