Engineering capstone project day 2023

Engineering Project Day, our annual engineering capstone class where students take on a 2-semester project is fast approaching. This year it’s happening on April 1, 2023, no April fools’ joke…ha. Visible in the pic above is our Software Engineering students in action, practicing their trade show displays for the big upcoming day! It was an… Continue reading Engineering capstone project day 2023

2022 year in review

2022 was an interesting year. The world started opening back up, which after 2 years in isolation, was exciting and scary all at the same time. My teaching evolved into something different, with my teaching philosophy changed in a way I didn’t think it ever would. The changes largely due to our forced COVID experiences… Continue reading 2022 year in review

CEEA 2022, Summer Vacay, & the Future

This past month (in June 2022) I was able to present both my papers at the annual/2022 Canadian Engineering education Association (CEEA) conference @ York University in Toronto. Below are links to my papers. Facilitating Cross & Beyond Course Project-Based Software Engineering Learning Experiences An Exploration in Facilitating Learning Experiences Towards Inspiring Responsible Software Engineers… Continue reading CEEA 2022, Summer Vacay, & the Future

Spring Lego fun in 271

I was able to break out the Lego in my people-centred design software systems engineering class this week (ENSE 271), the last time being 2-3ish years ago due to Covid. This activity was one I adapted/evolved from Stanford’s to get SSE learners in the mindset of design thinking for their class project. Fun times!!… Continue reading Spring Lego fun in 271

Awards obtained from the RCE Saskatchewan

The 2022 RCE Saskatchewan Annual Awards for Achievement in Education for Sustainable Development is happening on May 4, 2022. As director of the Humanity-Centred Computer Systems Engineering Graduate & Undergraduate Projects & Research Lab, I am pleased to announce that my students and I were successful in obtaining two awards for our efforts in the… Continue reading Awards obtained from the RCE Saskatchewan

Software Engineers exploring the UN SDGs

Over the past year and a bit, I have been facilitating a learning experience for both my undergraduate and graduate software systems engineering (SSE) students. The learning experience involves an in-depth, independent exploration of solutions in support of the United Nation’s (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The general questions I am exploring is can the… Continue reading Software Engineers exploring the UN SDGs

Towards a “metaverse” we can all be proud of

A pause for reflection from Ethan Zuckerman: “The metaverse isn’t about building perfect virtual escape hatches—it’s about holding a mirror to our own broken, shared world” from: As we continue to explore variations on the metaverse (variations of online digital spaces), which I think are inevitable, and as we inch even closer to a… Continue reading Towards a “metaverse” we can all be proud of

Candace and me @ RIC 2021

Candace and I recently presented at the 2021 Research Impact Canada (RIC) annual conference (, discussing our collaborative explorations between the Regina Fire and Protective Services and undergraduate students in one of my Software Systems Engineering classes (People-Centred Design) at the University of Regina to engineer modern software applications for fire safety education. Enjoy! Abstract:… Continue reading Candace and me @ RIC 2021