Category: Teaching

  • 2021 RCE Saskatchewan Recognition Award

    Although work is still ongoing, students in my Spring 2020 graduate class on “People-Centred Design” and I received an award for initial work in exploring new website (digital habitat) experiences for the RCE Saskatchewan Community. Exciting and great work students!

  • Student-built software helping to address the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals

    Students in my Winter 2021 ENSE 405 class Designing Apps for Collaboration & Learning explored building community software tools in support of the United Nation’s (UNs) 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In educating software engineers about the UN’s SDGs it is my hope that they take the idea out in industry – that the software…

  • Student-built 911 education app going live!

    My student Jack Zhao and I, with funding from the University of Regina Community Engagement and Research Centre, worked with Regina Fire & Protective Services and the City of Regina IT Department to design and develop a 911 education app to assist with home fire safety training initiatives (this work stemming from one of my…

  • Ramblings on Cheggification & where we go from here

    Ramblings on Cheggification & where we go from here

    I recently read an article by Dave Cormier titled, After Cheggification – A way forward (Part 1) that I thought quite interesting (I’m also looking forward to Part 2+). I echo much of what Cormier discusses as you will read below. Brief summary: there are sites like Chegg (and others) that are advertised as student…